Welcome to the Soothing Sounds™ OF SURGEON MARTA

“There is always something different, over the top, unusual and unexpected at a Surgeon Marta show that stems from the darkest corners of that madman’s mind” - ARGONAUT NEWS

Surgeon Marta are a gal and guy guitar gang from Los Angeles California. The group blends diverse tastes and influences into an experimental but hard hitting Rock & Roll. Their debut album Race To The Red was released in 2009, filled with tales of soul sucking jobs, zombie cops, radioactive fish and celestial messages from Jesus Christ to Iggy Pop. To date "Red"  has sold out 3 limited edition runs. 

“A soundtrack for the haunting hours of closing time hallucinations when black shapes run past the corners of your eyes and fatigue dances in strange astral projections from the other side” - THE NOVEL SOUND

From raucous beginnings as "anything goes" noise makers, the band has survived death, deportation and college graduations to find it's central core as a male and female songwriting team. The result is a menacing body of work filled with raw hallucinogenic sounds and surrealist black humor. There are no contradictions in the world of Surgeon Marta, just feral songs circling in the shadows.

“The sternest female vocals this side of Joan Jett” - BIBLIODISCOTEQUE

Surgeon Marta's commitment to live performance is legendary. From elaborate costumes, complete with flaming swords and motorcycle entrances to resurrections parties for the dead, SM shows never fail to startle and delight audiences. Comparisons have been drawn to revered icons as the Cramps, B 52's, Missy Elliot, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Thin Lizzy and Captain Beefheart

“Features evil rituals and incantations and a full on werewolf!” - BLOODY DISGUSTING

Currently applying their D.I.Y. work ethic to a fresh batch of songs, Surgeon Marta will be releasing new recordings and videos sooner or G’damn later. SIGN UP NOW and join in the bedlam \m/


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