Speaking With The Dead

by Surgeon Marta

When confronted with experiences that are weird or supernatural most of us chose to pass them off as amusing tales to be shared in social gatherings but rarely worthy of serious examination. Such was the case with our resident “guitar abuser” Chane when recounting an incident from his drinking days in NYC.

“I stopped into one of my regular watering holes and the barman told me I’d been completely messed up the night before. Now I knew I had a few but didn’t think I was that bad. However his version of events had me buying drinks for and talking to someone on the empty barstool beside me!

‘Well why did you keep serving me I asked’?? ‘You kept tipping me’ he said ‘so I didn’t want to break up the conversation’!! Yeah he was an Irish bartender.”

 Needless to say the story generated a few laughs but was soon forgotten about until last year when Vivian and Chane watched a show on one of the sci-fi channels detailing haunted locations in NYC.  Suddenly there it was, the bar, the spooky stories associated with it and the jogged memory of arguing with a Welshman about poetry…  or now as it turns out, the ghost of Dylan Thomas!!

Naturally pen was put to paper while vintage amps, pianos and guitars were gathered in a room. The result, an atmospheric punk noir jam (or as the mastering engineer commented, a “gothic bossa nova” called - Speaking with the Dead A.K.A “You Tell Me”

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