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The End is High

The End is High

Lately we’ve been hearing some fantastical excuses (think Carrie Fisher w/ machine gun scene from “the Blues Brothers”) for why some of you guys can’t make it to our shows.   We know you love the girls, the g’damn punk rock and our sexy new costumes but let’s face it the simple truth is………you’re BROKE!

And no wonder, the world economy is still serving lemons and the tools responsible are squeezing every single last drop outta them.  Now we even have giant billboards up all over town predicting the end of the world on May 21st.

Well we say fuck these market manipulating war mongering dick holes. No matter what they do life will continue along with art, music and LOVE.

So this Sat. put your wallet back in your pocket, heat up some chocolate, kick off dem doggies and surf on over to @ 6pm (PST) for a medicinal shot of music, mirth and mayhem.

Streaming LIVE Around the Globe Sat. Feb. 26th - starting @ 6pm PDT on BuddhaMan's International Experience!

Hear you there!

Rx, SM 6PM - 11PM PDT

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