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Baby, it's Crazy Cold Outside!

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Merry X-Mas from Surgeon Marta

Greetings and Salutations! It maybe safe to say more things have changed in the last 10 years than the previous 50! How would you even begin to describe the rise & fall of MySpace, 9-11, Skype, The New World Order, Tweets, Facebook, Obama, U.F.C and Two Girls & a Cup to someone who just came out of a coma?



Hoist the Jolly Roger

Okay, I’ll admit it when we first moved into an abandoned mental hospital I thought it was the greatest thing ever. But when I have to go searching for my shoes every morning because some poltergeist took them for a joy ride the night before, it does get a little old. In fact over half of my shoes have gone missing!

Now don’t me wrong, being Head Nurse in Surgeon Marta is mostly a riot. However, there are times when a girl needs a little time alone.

What I want is to thank everyone who made 2010 such a wonderful year of music and mayhem!

And what I need is the following:

1) A Pirate Ship Tree House

2) All of Irregular Choice shoes including a Custom Designed “Nurse Vivian” pair

3) Several sets of Customized SM coverall shorts

4) Have SURGEON MARTA tour Japan so I can see crazy toilets like this

5) A Proper Rife’s Beam Ray Machine

6) Rent a Tank with Rocket Launcher, Go Nuts

7) A custom piece by Thomas Kuntz

8)  Customized UE 18 In Ear monitors, in red

and yes, I’ve been pretty good this year…

♥Rx♥, Viv


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