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On The Fidel Day of X-Mas…

Maybe it's prenatal indoctrination, (as I was only 2 when we fled Cuba on an tractor inner tube) but there's something about a man with distinctive facial hair, a strict grooming regime and a sharp uniform that leaves me a little weak at the knees.   Unfortunately, I find that most guys are quick to grow sideburns while ignoring the most charismatic statement a man can make... The Mustache.

Therefore, I feel the time has come to make the inexplicable a moment to share and celebrate!  If you're too shy to grow your own, then here's some gift ideas to inspire and encourage everyone to find their inner authoritarian, or at least keep something warm...

1)   Mustache Mugs! To keep my coffee warm and so I don't have to pour it into my hands! Collect all 3!

2)   Car 'Stache! To keep my bumper warm!

3)   Mustache Wallet! Keeps my money warm!

4)  Mustache Ring! To keep my finger warm!

5)  Magnetic Mustache! To keep my fridge warm!

6)  World of Mustaches Sweatshirt! To keep ME warm!

7)  Mustache Broach! To keep my corporate casual blouse warm!

8)  A MUSTACHE! To keep the area between my nose and my lips warm!

Rx, Christine


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