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Home Sweet Home

Wow, 2010 is really tuning into one of those years where a lot of hard work is finally paying off!   It’s been a real whirlwind week since the launch our brand spanking new website last Tuesday and we would like to officially thank everyone who 'Chicked Out' with us!

You won't believe what we found in the bathtub

Getting the website from just an idea to fully built and launched was no small feat as you might have guessed.  Much of the process involved managing our collective daily lives and adapting to the ever-evolving entity that is Surgeon Marta.

Unbeknownst to us at the time, we didn’t think that anything would come out of that first fateful gig in the Kat Club a few years back but many more shows after that, a slew of the worlds most dedicated fans and one research institute later we now know better.

However, the biggest change of 2010 was also our most recent.  After adding up the money that we were individually spending on rent, telephones, utilities, rehearsals, etc… we decided it was time for a fresh approach to our living arrangements.  Thus entered the search for the ultimate band house!

Don't have to worry about blowing out the windows - there aren't any!

Now, this process took us to places we’ve never been to and not always in a good way. Yet, we finally did find the perfect place for Surgeon Marta, HQ – an abandoned convalescent home for the mentally ill on the eastern outskirts of Los Angeles, CA.

It needs major work but absolutely meets our requirements, namely:

♦ Enough rooms so that no one has to share. ♦ Enough bathrooms so that the Nurses don’t have to share with the Doctors. ♦ A large sound-proof-able rehearsal space. ♦ Neighbors who don’t want to see the cops anymore than we do.

We can see though you...

And a not entirely unexpected bonus: The place is completely haunted!!!  (Good news: Turns out ghosts of deceased mental patients love punk rock.)

Anyway, we gotta shake this hospital building out of its deep sleep and slap a new face on it!  We’ll keep you posted with our progress and of course the ultimate house warming party…

Rx, SM

Can anyone say, POOL PARTY?!


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