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Don’t Stargate Me In

When I look back on 2010 it’s clearly been a year of change for SM. Yes some changes needed to happen and some we never even saw coming.  Is this good news?  You bet!!  Now stand back cuz someone just kicked over the gasoline and things are about to get a little dangerous around here!

However before we all disappear in a great ball of Hellfire I’d like to add my wish list to the Chanta pile and thank all our friends and family for making the year of the Tiger so fur-tastic.

1)  That Claude Bells dinosaurs would come alive, flee their creationist hi-jackers in Cabazon, move to Pioneertown and join in on the western re-enactment mayhem

2)  A SM band vacation to Kona, Hawaii to attend an interactive time travel symposium with our hosts the dolphins.

3)  A worldwide ban on all GMO’s

4)  A celebrity DUI arrest driving under the influence of Waldoze coffee.

5)  Edgar returns to crowkind

6)  Scorpio Music Festival 2

7)  Finally just a thought about humanity's limitless capacity to inflict murder, torment and destruction on our fellow man. Could we dial it down to say hair pulling and name calling for 2011?  Seriously we’re fucking sick of corrupt government and rapist corporations fucking everything up for everybody. - Thank you

Rxo, Dr. Chane



Off to Wonder Wonderland

Some may say that I have a problem with the color pink but just like Gene Kelly in 'What A Way To Go', I say  you gotta own what you love!   And I LOVE singing into my microphone, Miss Pinky! This time of year is always special for me as it's a time for friends, family, loved ones and a wish list for the year to come...

Bye, bye 2010 and Hello Chişineu-Criş!

1)  A Pink Custom Carry Case for Miss Pinky

2)  A Hot Pink Nurse Dress with NURSE WONDERLAND Stitched in Black on the Front

3)  Miss Pinky to go Wireless
(although I do like to spin her around)

4)  Custom SURGEON MARTA Luggage Set in Black Leather
with the SM logo on the Front in Pink and White

5)  To Tour Eastern Europe, Spain, Italy and Greece with SURGEON MARTA and Miss Pinky!

6)  A HUGE Tour Bus with 7 Queen Sized Beds, a Full Kitchen, a Huge Living Room
and a least 4 Blinged-Out Bathrooms.  It's possible ;-)

7)  Surgeon Marta's Likenesses to be made into Wax Figures at the Wax Museum

8)  All of the Band Animals, (TB, Nenu, Waldoz, Edgar, etc...) to have their own SM Outfits
and be our back-up singers while on tour with us

Hee Hee!

Rxoxo, Aly


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