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Dial M for Sayonara (さよならのダイヤルメートル)


Dial M for Sayonara (さよならのダイヤルメートル)

Dinner House M

Hidden on a non-descript length of Temple St., tucked behind a little white fence and under an equally plain sign reading only, ‘M’ (in English) are the two faded mint green doors of Dinner House M

Alas, it’s seems the rumors are finally true, the legendary night spot will be closing it’s doors officially after 24 years of keeping them open well past 2AM.

You can read the Los Angeles Times article which does a fairly good job of remaining neutral and providing a bit of history on the place. However, for anyone who’s ever frequented The M (from foreplay to gunplay) they all have a cherished story to tell. (Check out Yelp for further details…)

Our first encounter with the place was for a friends James Bond-themed birthday party. The venue could not have been more perfect, complete with classy drinks, gorgeous ladies singing various Bond theme songs and several guys arriving in full scuba gear only to strip down into surprisingly unwrinkled tuxedos! All of this with the Japanese fusion Jazz Bar as backdrop.

So, it was a no brainer that when Nurse Kitty Murphy was assigned to Operation Kitty Kitty Bang Bang that Dinner House M would be the spot to hold her going away party and also mark her final performance with Surgeon Marta to date. Like the Bond party before it, the evening was a memorable success.

We’ll always love Dinner House M for providing us with a relaxed vibe and intimate surroundings, an incredibly stocked sunken bar, good food and most nights a cool jazz combo playing in the corner where if you were lucky owner Miki would occasionally sing a number or two. We’ll love it for being just off the beaten path, a modern day speak easy where absolutely no questions were asked, especially not about one’s ID. We’ll love it for all the late night thrills and early morning raids by the LAPD Vice Squad. We’ll love it for it’s brazen views on liquor licenses, smoking codes and most especially kougouheika Miki Saito. Be sure to say your good-byes on or before Wednesday June 8th.

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