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Play Date

Now as some of you may have heard America is in the middle of a Creativity Crisis. The numbers are real and scary. Sure you only have to look around you to see the results.

That's why you should join us this Saturday to re-ignite the sacred fires of creativity and beat back the corporate compliant gibberish that surrounds us all. Because over here at Surgeon Marta HQ we don’t
believe in crying in our hospital gowns. We say let the zombies dance, just don’t let them touch you - (unless they're trying to sell you official SM™ merch...)

Be there Saturday August 21st as we unite with fellow LA-based artists in presenting an audio/visual
Play Date to satisfy all your creative needs. Free food, Free drink, Free parking and Free All-Ages admittance to some loud nasty mad-dog zombie killing rock n roll!  With a deal this good and a schedule
that leaves you free to tear up the rest of Saturday night, excuses for non-attendance will not be accepted unless accompanied by a $20 bill and a really creative story...

Upstairs @ The Market Gallery / The City Market 1057 S. San Pedro St. Los Angeles, 90015 7PM - 10PM Get Directions Here


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