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Scarlet Lady

Surgeon Marta's Scarlet Lady 09.25.2010

The whore of Babylon rides into town astride a 7-headed beast wreaking havoc and destruction everywhere. Her robes glow neon scarlet, the infamous colors of shame and promiscuity. It seems the end is truly nigh and yes as residents in a cultural center of debauchery we’re all going to Hell!

However let’s back it there up a minute because we do have it on good authority that this won’t actually happen till 2013. So stop the finger pointing and listen up...

This Saturday Surgeon Marta and our buddies The Bad Bad Things will throw down a Punk Rock Jamboree that’ll leave you spinning, grinning, sinning and ready for what’s happening in the next zip code over.

That’s right for one “all night” only GLOW the Art Rave returns to Santa Monica. So get your night started right in Culver City and then head on over and join in the “commotion by the ocean.”

The Scarlet Lady Saloon 5411 Sepulveda Blvd Culver City, 90230 Click HERE for directions

Rx, SM


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