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All Age Rampage

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All Age Rampage

All Age Rampage Mini

Ask anyone who’s just turned 21 if they feel or think any differently since the day they turned 18 and chances are good that not much has changed. The legal ramifications of 18 are already enough of a burden without telling someone they can’t have a beer for another 3 years let alone see their favorite band in a bar? It’s not just wrong, it’s cruel and unusual punishment, not to mention the real gateway to alternative substance acquirement!

So you can imagine our delight when Surgeon Marta was approached to play an all ages venue in Mar Vista this Saturday “Hells Yeahs” followed by “Shit there won’t be any booze?” (Only kidding!!!)

Doors open @ 8 pm with Franchot Tone (backed up by members of Jack Johnson, the Beastie Boys and the Culver City Dub Collective) putting the pedal to the floor at 9 pm, Surgeon Marta @ 10pm and roots n' punk sensations The Bad Bad Things @11pm

See you there!

Rx, SM

Saturday, April 16th
Doors - 8PM / Show - 9PM


12257 Venice Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90066 (323) 600-5050

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Perfect Last Minute Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day


Perfect Last Minute Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day has always felt like a lame excuse to run around town wasting money on crowded restaurants, bad chocolate and tacky flowers that are potentially ruining the environment.  Yet, there is something to be said about spending a bit of quality time with Someone Special, as well as receiving a thoughtful gift from them.

So how do you solve this dilemma?  Easy! This year give the gift of Surgeon Marta

Whether your Valentine is a music fanatic, art connoisseur, coffee fiend or D) All of the Above, you’ll find everything you need and more at our newly opened store – The Pharmacy

Best of all you can email or print this SM Valentine card to let your sweetheart know that your thoughtful gift is on the way.

How's that for a Happy Valentine’s Day?

Rx, SM

P.S. Email us if you live in Los Angeles – we may be able to deliver your V-Day gift personally!



Hoist the Jolly Roger

Okay, I’ll admit it when we first moved into an abandoned mental hospital I thought it was the greatest thing ever. But when I have to go searching for my shoes every morning because some poltergeist took them for a joy ride the night before, it does get a little old. In fact over half of my shoes have gone missing!

Now don’t me wrong, being Head Nurse in Surgeon Marta is mostly a riot. However, there are times when a girl needs a little time alone.

What I want is to thank everyone who made 2010 such a wonderful year of music and mayhem!

And what I need is the following:

1) A Pirate Ship Tree House

2) All of Irregular Choice shoes including a Custom Designed “Nurse Vivian” pair

3) Several sets of Customized SM coverall shorts

4) Have SURGEON MARTA tour Japan so I can see crazy toilets like this

5) A Proper Rife’s Beam Ray Machine

6) Rent a Tank with Rocket Launcher, Go Nuts

7) A custom piece by Thomas Kuntz

8)  Customized UE 18 In Ear monitors, in red

and yes, I’ve been pretty good this year…

♥Rx♥, Viv



On The Fidel Day of X-Mas…

Maybe it's prenatal indoctrination, (as I was only 2 when we fled Cuba on an tractor inner tube) but there's something about a man with distinctive facial hair, a strict grooming regime and a sharp uniform that leaves me a little weak at the knees.   Unfortunately, I find that most guys are quick to grow sideburns while ignoring the most charismatic statement a man can make... The Mustache.

Therefore, I feel the time has come to make the inexplicable a moment to share and celebrate!  If you're too shy to grow your own, then here's some gift ideas to inspire and encourage everyone to find their inner authoritarian, or at least keep something warm...

1)   Mustache Mugs! To keep my coffee warm and so I don't have to pour it into my hands! Collect all 3!

2)   Car 'Stache! To keep my bumper warm!

3)   Mustache Wallet! Keeps my money warm!

4)  Mustache Ring! To keep my finger warm!

5)  Magnetic Mustache! To keep my fridge warm!

6)  World of Mustaches Sweatshirt! To keep ME warm!

7)  Mustache Broach! To keep my corporate casual blouse warm!

8)  A MUSTACHE! To keep the area between my nose and my lips warm!

Rx, Christine


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