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Surgeon Marta's One Candle 09.18.2010

There's something about parties especially birthday parties that always brings out the best in Surgeon Marta. Why only a few weeks ago we brought traffic to a complete standstill on Vermont Ave. Crowds were exiting a Greek Theater funk festival when we cranked up (on a front lawn) just down the road. Within minutes, like flies to the honey, hundreds had gathered to take the nite train from funky town to punky town.

The funniest part came right in the middle of Send More Cops when not one but two patrol cars managed to squeeze their way through with lights-a-flashing!!! Yes the party was over but the WTF expressions on the faces of the LAPD were priceless!

So can we promise you more mayhem this Sat? Well hells yeah!!! It's the Buddaman's Birthday Party!
Alan "Buddaman" Lohr was a pioneering DJ in the early days of KROQ with his metaphysical rock n' roll show "The 3rd Eye." Needless to say as KROQ started gagging on corporate cock the Buddaman jumped ship to what was then the new wild west... internet radio! Now with over 100,000 listeners Buddaman and ErrorFM are still keeping the man outta Rock n Roll.

Come celebrate with us this Saturday as we broadcast to the world LIVE from the The Aqua Lounge (you've seen it on HBO's Entourage) Surgeon Marta and cake cutting starts at 9:30pm SHARP with FREE ALL AGES admission up till 10pm so don't be late !!!

BuddhaMan's International Experience Special Birthday Edition
will also be streaming LIVE Around the World
Sat. Sept. 18th, 2010 starting @ 6pm PDT on on ErrorFM and on the AIR on 94.9FM in Hudson Valley, NY!

The Aqua Lounge
424 N Beverly Dr.
Beverly Hills, 90210
Click HERE for directions

Rx, SM 6PM - 12AM PDT


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