skull 13

You probably already know why this years batch of Friday the 13ths is special and have had your anti-superstition itinerary ready to go for weeks.  But for those of you lost on both counts don't fear, you can get caught up by checking out our previous post on the subject, 13 Things to Do on Friday the 13th.  

Back in January we tried alleviating your superstition-induced fears, but this time we may be adding to them...


Did you know Austrian composer Arnold Schönberg suffered from severe triskaidekaphobia and may have even died from it?  It's true! According to The Book of Lists author David Wallechinsky Schönberg suffered from a life-long obsession with the number 13.

Ponder these curious facts - not only was Schönberg born on September 13th, 1874, but he died in his 76th year (7+6=13) on July Friday the 13th, 1951 at precisely 11:47pm - 13 minutes before midnight!



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