Trip Santa Monica

Wolf Moon

You know, there might be something to all this End-Of-The-World business because, that's right...


Now assuming we all survive the night, let us tell you what we have in store for

Saturday, January 26th, 2013:

It's the first FULL MOON of the new year and as legend has it was dubbed the Wolf Moon by ancient Native American tribes.  So no surprises when we picked this day to premiere our werewolf inspired music video -
Do You Say Your Prayers At Night? our first official music video since Send More Cops!

Joining us on this special night is The Slow Poisoner a one-man surrealistic rock and roll band from San Francisco. He's also a spiritual advice columnist at Pork Magazine who's prognostications of the herenow & hereafter - thrill with uncanny accuracy.

But wait - there’s more!

Keeping the party going will be Culver City’s The Bad Bad Things, a drunk rock garage fiesta fronted by powerhouse vocalist Kryss Deetch.  Prepare to walk the plank to margaritaville!

Finally, wrapping up the night is Moonshine Earl wanted for crimes against musicality in at least seven states and banned from every live venue within Boston's city limits. This liquored lothario will be making his west coast debut at Trip!

See you there!



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