Happy 4th of July from Surgeon Marta
Fireworks display by Chane
Stars & Stripes

Mercury has finally gone direct and yes dear friends so have we... Direct to your inbox. At last the astrological debris have settled and we want to wish you all a Wonderful July 4th!

Also, for those planning to be on the westside of Los Angeles on the evening of the 4th, tilt yer view towards the Hillcrest Country Club where Chane will be helping set off a seriously insane fireworks display.

I know, I know, Irishmen and explosives may seem a little counter intuitive, dangerous even - but this is America dammit and if an independent DIY punk rock musician wants to help us celebrate our independence, I say, “Why the hell not!?!”

Now assuming the westside doesn’t fall off into the ocean, we’re looking forward to see you all again for our upcoming LIVE gig on Sat. July 26th @ The Five Star Bar in Downtown LA.

Hugs & Suds!

Rx, Viv



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