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Usually when we give a shout out it’s something along the lines of “umm oops... Who can help us raise some bail money?”

This time however it’s to share some fun-tastic news with y’all! Our friend and vocal mentor (the man who helped us put the high seas in high C) Hannibal Means appears tonight on AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. The show fell into disrepute after last years “chicken chaser” fiasco so it seems they searched a little harder this time round to find some real talent.

As a former protégée of Nina Simone,Hannibal has the pipes to knock the roof of the Staple Center and that’s just when he’s warming up! Suffice it to say it’s not often that a man with Hannibal's gifts (and dare we say it eccentricities) appears on primetime TV in front of a large mainstream audience.

So our request is simple tune in TONIGHT @ 9pm/(8pm central) on NBC and VOTE VOTE VOTE!

FYI: You can vote up to 10 times via text and email!

Help put the “fuck yeah” back into “what the fuck was that?!?"

We love you all and don’t miss this for the world. Rx, SM


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