Tune-in to ErrorFM to hear Surgeon Marta like you've never heard them before... TURNED DOWN!

That's right we'll be LIVE in the ErrorFM studios preforming all your favorite SM tunes but with a major decrease in volume. (You could almost call it un-plugged - but we won't!)

Listen closely as we gather around a large expensive microphone to preform audibly coherent versions of songs you thought you knew the lyrics too, but now finally will!

PLUS: As things have taken an audiophile direction we're also pleased to announce the additional presence of power-house tenor and recent America's Got Talent alumni - HANNIBAL MEANS!

Streaming LIVE Around the World Sat. Aug. 28th - starting @ 6pm PDT onBuddhaMan's International Experience!

Hear you there!

Rx, SM 6PM - 11PM PDT


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