Black Cat friday the 13th pin

Did you know that this year's batch of Friday the 13th's are rather special?  Not only are there 3 Friday the 13ths this year, (today, April 13 & July 13) but they're exactly 13 weeks apart.  Last time that happened was back in 1984.  University of Delaware math professor, Tom Fernsler, aka Dr. 13 tells us that while 3 friday the 13ths in one year happen every few years this years batch happen to fall during a leap year - something that won't happen again until 2040!

Anyway, whether you suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobiaparaskevidekatriaphobia or simply triskaidekaphobia here are some SM approved suggestions to help you over come your fears and start enjoying your Friday the 13ths...

  1) Throw a Party:  Celebrating the macabre is not just for goths and Halloween die-hards, a Friday the 13th themed party is a great excuse to leave work early, hang out with friends late and potentially put old superstitions to rest.  Encourage guests to bring 13 of something , represent their favorite superstition or just have a Jason Voorhees movie marathon.  (Ironically, Jason X is probably our favorite...)  Still need inspiration?  Check out the cool party Chicago's Anti-Superstition Society threw back in 1940!

2) Get a $13 Tattoo:  This probably falls under the category of, "You get  what you pay for..." but tattoo shops have been known to run sales on Friday the 13ths so if have you an affinity for the number 13 and cheap ink, head to you're local tat shack & get your haggle on.

3) Visit The Lower Jurassic:  The Museum of Jurassic Technology is a beloved spot for us. Descriptions of the MJT will never do it justice as it's impossible to put this place into words and we've been there countless times. (Heck, we've even been privileged enough to get a behind the scenes peek and we're even more inthralled and perplexed then ever!) Needless to say visit, become a member, have some tea and be sure to check out their exhibit on old wives tales entitled, "Tell the Bees..."

4) Cross a Black Cats Path: It's surprising to know that black cats are still the last to get adopted and the first to get putdown at animal shelters. It's ridiculous that silly superstitions are keeping people away from saving these animals! Especially since black cats used to be considered the bringers of good luck to sailors, fishermen's wives and the ancient Egyptians, just to name a few. SM band-cat Waldoze's of Waldoze Coffee fame should be proof enough that a feline noir is a wonderful addition to any home.

5) Spill Some Salt: What's not to love about salt? You can pour it into a bath to relax, use it to sooth a bee sting, gargle with it, fill your shaker with it or just toss some over your shoulder. Whatever you do with it, be sure to let us know if you're cooking salt encrusted fish... we'll bring the amps and margarita mix.

6) Open an Umbrella Indoors: Here at SM Hq we're all about DIY. Particularly if it's in the name of unique costuming! So be brave, pop one open and release your inner bat, jellyfish, octopus, Electric Daisy Carnival attendee, whatever... All's fair in roleplay, cosplay and recycling!

7) Quadruple Your Luck: If having a single rabbit's foot brings good luck then having four must multiply your luckiness, right? Well then why not adopt a rabbit? Rabbit Match is a cool organization that helps find good homes for abandoned bunners. Seriously, what better way to protect yourself from a Friday the 13th and do some good karmic work then by helping out a bunny in need?

8) Break A Mirror: Don't waste a perfectly good broken mirror by throwing it away! Save yourself the 13 years bad luck and money by recycling it into something else... Disco Ball, crazy mosaic art or tricked-out electric guitar - your imagination is the only limit here!

9) Hang with the Dead: Why not spend the day visiting the final resting spots of deceased celebrities? Los Angeles obviously has quite a few dead spots as pointed out by Order of the Good Death's Caitlin Doughty. Really though, no matter where you are in the world, loitering in a cemetery can be fun.

10) Step on a Crack: Throw caution and the safety of your mother's back to the wind and step out in fabulous footwear!  (Just be careful to keep your size 5's away from Vivian she has a bad shoe fetish.)

11) Get Your Gnostic On: The best way to deal with Friday the 13ths, let alone any superstition, ancient mythology or conspiracy theory is to do your research. Origins of Friday the 13th, The Secret Sun, and Conspiracy XX are all good starting points. (Just don't blame us if you find yourself covering the walls in tinfoil...)

12) Leave a Penny: or two or three thousand... You can't argue with the cool feeling of knowing that you've done something good. Support your favorite charity, public radio station, independently owned business or (*cough cough*) medical sci-fi indie punk band today! (Check out our Hoka-Hoka page to see some of our favorites.)

13) Have a Happy Friday the 13th:
'Nuff Said! Rx, SM


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